Lilium information

Lily and lilylike plants

The lily (Lilium L.; lily, lis, Lilien, yuri, lelie) is a bulbous crop, with large beautiful flowers. Using a part of the 80 lily species which occur in nature (like L. auratum, L. pumilum, L. dauricum, L. martagon, L. bulbiferum, L. candidum, L.callosum) the modern lilycultivars are devloped by breeding (Asiatic and Oriental hybrids).



        L. auratum   L. pumilum   L. dauricum  L. martagon L. bulbiferum  L. candidum   L. callosum


Many beautiful ornamental plants are called lilies, but often it are not real Liliums

(Inca lelie = Alstroemeria; daglelie, day lily= Hemerocallis; Gladiolus = zwaardlelie, sword lily; calla lily = Zantedeschia; lelietje-van-dalen, lily of the valley = Convallaria; waterlily, water lily = Nymphaea, Nuphar; belladonna lily = Amaryllis; Amazon lily = Eucharis; Barbados lily = Hippeastrum; Blood lily = Haemanthus; spider lily = Lycoris; Afrikaanse lelie, African lily, Lily-of-the-nile = Agapanthus; Nerine= Guernsey lily; Trillium= wood lily; hondstand, dog toothed lily = Erythronium; Sprekelia = Aztec lily; Plantain lily = Hosta, etc.).


The  lily plays a significant role in our life