Breeding research

Breeding Research on Bulbs

In the Plant Breeding group of Wageningen University and Research Center The Netherlands, a joint research organization of Wageningen University and Plant Research International, we carry out strategic research and applied research on breeding of flower bulbs. Besides guests and students, the section employs permanently a group of about ten workers. Research is funded by the Dutch governments, the European Union, grower organizations, national or international companies and international institutes.

In situ hybridization picture of pink longiflorum "Elegant lady"

"......We carry out strategic research on breeding of flower bulbs. Our specialization is the utilization and enlargement of genetic variation in bulbous crops concerning host resistance, plant habit, flower color, industrial components, fragrance and vase life of the flower. To these objectives we use techniques like genetic transformation, (inter)specific hybridization and indirect selection methods. Our main research object is lily (Lilium), but we also carry out research on tulip, iris, narcissus and Zantedeschia. We like to cooperate with other research groups and carry out contract research for private companies wherever and whenever possible...."

"... contact us for carrying out for you a specific breeding programme ..... "